Company History

Each promising idea begins with inspiration, creation of any business begins with love and passion for your work. Palmira Studio originates from the trip of our founder and ideological mastermind to the United States. Who can open the subject better than a founder of our company? Definitely no one else! So here is to an interview with the Palmira Studio Founder and CEO, Mr. Dmitriy Zagorodnyuk.

Dmitry, how did you come to the idea of a Web Company “Palmira Studio”? During my first trip to the U.S. I was able to get closely acquainted with the principles of web-industry, saw prospects for the development of innovative technologies, got very excited about creation and promotion of sites. At that time market of SEO services in our country (Ukraine) was in its infancy, and this opened broad prospects for work in this direction.

What did you begin your work with? Initially, we worked on the creation and development of our own projects, including online stores, forums, dating sites, local social networks and projects in the field of logistics, sales, IT services and training sites. Our experts have worked hard to develop new algorithms for the development of online business. Certainly in the early stages, a lot of mistakes were made, but that allowed us to gain precious experience. Over time, more promising areas have been developed, some were dropped. In time we got our first customers, most of which are still working with us!

What is your Web Company today? We managed to achieve significant results in our area of expertise. During our first years of work the company has accumulated many successful projects that bring various benefits and a significant profit to their owners. Implementing continuous monitoring and analysis of the market, we offer our clients a wide range of tools for the effective operation of Internet resources. It is very interesting to work on complex tasks that require continuous self-improvement.

What is “Palmira Studio” for you personally? For me, our company is not just an office, where you come from 9 to 19, but first of all a comfortable working environment. Special thanks to the team. Our team is a group of like-minded people. Each member of the team is not just a true professional in his field, but also the one with the best human qualities such as sincerity, creativity, good sense of humor etc.

What are the objectives and plans for the future you would like to achieve?  In the near future it`s the development of existing projects and getting new ones. We strive to take the leading position among the world’s SEO companies.