Elena Pashhenko


Like all children I liked to draw, using a huge amount of paper. Graduated art school for children. Growing up, I’ve discovered other talents, including the exact science. So after graduation, I got a degree in Software Engineering. During my 4th year of College I started working as one, devoting last 8.5 years to my specialty.
However, in 2012, I decided to expand my skill set and devote myself to art, following an internal desire of the soul, still remembering my childhood dreams. 1.5 years studied the course of academic drawing and painting, also completed training course of Photoshop and digital painting.

My career in design, I started as a graphic designer. Engaged in the development of printed products for one year, like calendars, greeting cards, gift certificates, posters.

After, I have worked in computer games design. Also worked as an environment artist for casual games, drew close-up’s, inventory items, sketches houses for maps, backgrounds for video clips.

I love to learn new things, to implement innovations in my life. I love nature and active tourism. I also like to draw on the nature, to know the world by watching it, searching for harmony.