Partnership or invest in Startup

The term “startup” comes from the English word to “launch” or "run" and defines firms engaged in the positioning and promoting on the market new products or services. Many such companies belong to the field of IT-technologies.

Using our own experience of running the business in the field of classical logistics, sales, IT services, medical and education, we sure know how difficult it is to start your own project. We are ready to help the authors of interesting ideas in different areas to turn ideas into actual business. Our company can invest financial and intellectual resources to the development of exciting new lines of business. Assist in organization and management, technology consulting and support to young start-up companies.

Today world-famous companies and services: YouTube, Apple Computer inc, Google, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and many other, once were also startups!

If you have an idea, but you don’t know where to start its implementation or you started working on your own project, but do not have enough strength and financial capacity? You can describe a future project and put it on paper, present your beta version or an already running project and we will gladly consider promising business projects for further cooperation and investment.

We know how to make an interesting idea into a running company, and are willing to invest our knowledge and skills, as well as cash in the new businesses.

We guarantee objectivity and confidentiality on the process of projects selection for investment.

Your ideas, business plans, projects and any questions or suggestions of cooperation you can send us via email: