Social responsibility and charity

Corporate social responsibility and charity

Emerged in the 21st century environmental problems and energy crisis, have led to the formation of socially responsible business. Business that takes into account the spiritual needs of society in the field of charity, ecology, ethics and compassion.

Common dream that motivates employees of Palmira Studio is not only the creation of conditions for development of business in the Internet environment, but also the improvement of the world.

We regularly help orphanages of Odessa and the region: collecting toys, clothing, school supplies, holiday gifts etc.

In charitable help we see the realization of the human community integrity and responsibility for the world we live in.

Active social position improves relationships between employees, finding new meaning to existence and moral development. Participating indifferent kinds of charitable activities, our employees acquire certain skills, broaden their horizons and acquire new relationships and a sense of self-worth, which has positive impact on work performance.

These projects are part of a successful company activities are consistent with the ideology, philosophy and capabilities of the company. Creating a positive environment and a positive world perception, we develop an emotional component, a certain Company Lifestyle.

We hope this contribution will change the lives of many people.