SERM – reputation management

Nowadays customers have an opportunity to go online and leave a comment or a review about your product and/or company with just a click of a button.

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Nowadays customers have an opportunity to go online and leave a comment or a review about your product and/or company with just a click of a button.

And that, counting how many people actually have access to internet, can deal massive damage to something so precious and so fragile, something you`ve been working on for years, your reputation!

Every successful businessman knows that nothing is worth more than reputation!

So it is very important to monitor any online mentioning of your brand name, product names and key employees.

Search engine reputation management (SERM) is the process of monitoring search results any way connected to your name and related keywords to ensure, the results that users see when they search for you using search engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others, are the ones that you want them to see.

We can help you improve your reputation online through a set of measures in the search engines.

First of all, we will analyze your brand, product or a service, to compile a list of search keywords, then we will find all the reviews of your company. After, using a special formula, we will evaluate their tone and derive an overall score of your online reputation. Depending on whether it is positive or negative, we will work either to preserve the positions of links, shown on the first pages of search results, with good and neutral feedback about your product, or to displace negative reviews and replace them with the ones you are comfortable with.

Our specialists will be posting positive reviews on a regular basis, press releases and various promotional materials about your product on the most popular websites, which are primarily indexed by search engines and displayed in the top search results. We will promptly reflect negative information, not allowing it to develop, will solve conflicts and will also remove black PR from competitors.

There are different ways to deal with negative reviews:

  • Resolve a problem described in the negative review, add detail description of what was done and to ensure customers, this will never happen again.
  • Post positive reviews (writing on one negative up to 10 positive reviews to neutralize the negative opinion, in this case, a negative feedback is considered by other users as a result of bad mood of a person who wrote it instead of having an actual problem.) In addition, recent reviews "shift" the older negative reviews to the point being so far behind or even on the second or third page (that we all know are being reviewed by customers very rarely). All these steps will help you to be sure that potential customer, while searching for information about your company, product or service will find a very positive feedback and it will increase trust and confidence in your product.

As the British diplomat and a writer, Lord Philip Chesterfield, once said:  "Wherever we go, our reputation - no matter how good or bad - will certainly go ahead of us."

So make sure only a good reputation goes ahead of you and Palmira Studio knows how to do it better than anyone.